FIND IT: Protesters Take Action Against Low Pay

- December 5, 2013 - Protesters claim low pay at fast food restaurants is slowing down the economy.

Although the rally in Erie didn't involve any fast food workers, they were still voicing their opinions in support of the workers.

Protesters tell us they want fast food workers to be able to afford the basics -- to have the federal government increase minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Some members of the business community say they would like to see everyone make a family sustaining wage, but they say increasing the minimum wage at fast food restaurants in Erie to $15 is not feasible.

"There is a difference of trying to live in say NYC then there is in a smaller marketplace, so that has to be taken into consideration and why the federal government shouldn't take a stand one way or another and why it should be market driven," said Barbara Chafee, President of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership.

Chaffee says although large companies like McDonald’s could potentially be able to afford an increase in minimum wage, it would hurt small local businesses.

Here in Pennsylvania, a state representative introduced a bill to increase minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour and then $10.10 an hour the following year.

That legislation was just introduced today.

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