Firework Safety a Concern for Next Weekend

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and fireworks will be flying, which makes firework safety a big concern.

You will see tents selling fireworks all over Erie this week, selling fireworks that are legal in Pennsylvania.

Big Woodie's Fireworks on Upper Peach St. also sells out of state fireworks but customers must have a valid out of state I.D. to purchase.

Fireworks specialists warn that customers should follow all instructions on firework boxes, and be sure to soak any products after they're done using them to prevent a fire.

One of the most popular items, sparklers, is the cause of most firework related injuries.

"A lot of times they're an even bigger danger once they're extinguished, uh once they're out a lot of times kids will drop 'em and of course they're running around in sandals and bare feet and somebody steps on 'em or they think it's safe to touch and that becomes a problem," says John Kaliszewski of Big Woodie's Fireworks.

Any firework that is self propelled or leaves the ground is illegal to use in the state of Pennsylvania

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