Former Millcreek School May Be Sold


The future of a former elementary school is raising new questions.

The Millcreek School Board heard from two potential buyers on Monday night regarding the former Ridgefield Elementary School site.

The first bid comes from Montessori Regional Charter School. They’re offering $1.1 million. That offer keeps the building a school and does not require rezoning.

Montessori officials say that their offer is more lucrative because their current site is zoned commercially if they move out.

They also say they are not in competition with the Millcreek School District because only a small percentage of their students come from Millcreek.

The other bid comes from BNS Properties, offering $950,000 for the property. BNS officials say that their offer is more lucrative in the long run because they would be paying property taxes.

Representatives from both were on hand to make their case.

"Our company needs to acquire new space to continue our growth. This particular building suits us very well and provides us with a way, with minimal overhead to make that movement. We will continue to look if this doesn't work out, however, this is a good fit for us at this point,” said Joseph Snyder, President of Process and Data Automation, a partner with BNS.

"This building will allow us to expand at a good cost to the taxpayer and at the same time in a reasonable, and way that processes very calmly and easily for our students and our faculty,” said Anthony Pirrello, CEO of Montessori Regional Charter School.

Both bidders say they are open to negotiating their offers.

The issue of re-zoning the property for BNS is on the agenda at a Millcreek Township Planning Commission meeting Tuesday night.

There is no timeline on a decision, the school board has to sit down and review both options more closely.

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