Fruit Crop Worries

- With the worst of wintry weather "hopefully" behind us now fruit farmers in North East are concerned about what's in store for their crops.

Tim Burch is a farmer who's dealt with his fair share of winters, and like many farmers this year, he's worried about his crops especially, some of his grapes.

Burch says " The major concern at this point is the French Hybrid grapes, the wine grapes they're not looking real good at this time."

However even though he knows some damage has occurred, he's cautiously optimistic as he waits for spring to really spring.

Nick Mobilia of Mobilia Fruit Farms says when he recently looked at his peach trees, those didn't seem to promising either, "I cut buds and I cut buds and I didn't find one that was even remotely green, so we're gonna have to assume the peaches took a horrible hit."

And with north east being such a major hub for the wine industry .. Mobilia says farmers are bracing for the possible economic impact of this year's rough winter.

Mobilia also says after looking at some of his grape crops “there were some dead buds already, but if the second buds are green ... Then their may be some hope for the future of this year's crop”.

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