Governor Corbett Visits Erie

- Governor Tom Corbett was in town today, talking about what he says are the important issues for Pennsylvanians.

"I’ve always loved coming to Erie. I consider this one of my second homes, I've been coming here since '81 on a regular basis,” said Governor Tom Corbett on Thursday.

The governor was talking one-on-one with supporters about what he says are important issues in his campaign.

In a round table discussion, the governor talked pension reform. The state currently funds two pension systems in PA, including state employees and Pennsylvania teachers.

He says property tax increases are happening across the state, and there's no easy solution to the problem.

Every year the payments that the state makes to pension plans increases by $610 million, which the governor says is unsustainable in the long run.

Governor Corbett also says property taxes are not, and should not be, a partisan issue.

The current administration is looking into giving all new state employees a 401k plan instead of a pension plan.

"for the existing employees, whether they be state employees or school district employees, we're not touching their systems at all. and unfortunately i think there's misunderstanding either intentional or unintentional out there that we're touching existing employee's pensions. we're not doing that at all,” said Governor Corbett.

Beyond pension reform, Governor Corbett also talked to supporters about PA farming, veteran support and education.

"It's imperative you know for all Pennsylvanians to step back from party labels and everything else and take a look at the hard work,” said Verel Salmon, Erie County Republican Committee Chairman.

"It's taking about what we've accomplished and how we need to go into the future working in those areas, working on the creation of a 21st education and post secondary education system and the jobs in the 21st century,” said Governor Corbett.

Governor Corbett is currently seeking re-election to office on November 4.

Democrat Tom Wolf is scheduled to visit Erie on Monday.

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