Interview With Watergate Figure John Dean

- It's hard to believe it's been 40 years since President Richard Nixon resigned from office.
Of course this was the result of Watergate
Joining David Belmondo is John Dean, legal council to President Nixon and author of the book “The Nixon Defense”.

Mr. Dean, you say President Nixon's secret recordings have never been fully that possible after all these years.

Dean: "it was quite surprising to me. No one bothered to categorize them. About 600 conversations that have only been listened to during processing and personal material and national security material. It fills in the gaps... We never knew what Nixon was doing behind closed doors. It's the big missing part of the story"

Mr. Dean... It seems mind boggling that this was one of the biggest events in history and all these recordings were never listened to...

Dean: "i can only speculate as to why some historian didn't get in there and do what i did. I had a bright team of grad students doing first drafts... It's much more complicated... It was expensive to do... There were a lot of reasons not to do it, but it was a hard-going task"

What was Nixon's biggest mistake?.

Dean: "i want to look at it from the beginning to end... He makes little mistakes... In the beginning he doesn't want to be told... And by the end he is making colossal mistakes. It's a combination of his character where he doesn't have a strong moral compass. But most surprising is his decision making. Very little thought... Often taking misfacts, incorrect information, and trying to impose his incorrect decisions... And kept compounding his problem"

You cover it in the book but what is the truth behind the 18 and a half minute gap on the tape and what do you think was on it.

Dean: "i did a special appendix on that because it has been a question of great interest... Primarily because of the sequence of when it arose. He had made one mistake after another. He is covering up for the fact that he had early knowledge of the coverup. He laid down his defense. The tapes surfaced... Prosecutors have probable cause to get the key conversations. It was a very risk defense and it didn't work."

That goes to show what they always say... The cover up's sometimes worse than the crime...

Dean: "he said that a number of times, it wasn't a cover up in his book... But it got up to his Attorney General... He didn't look at it as a cover up, but as he was just protecting his options."

The name of the book is “The Nixon Defense” by John Dean.....
Mr. Dean thanks for join us

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