Keeping Your Dog Calm This Summer

- July 8, 2014 - It's a sound that can easily cause a dog to act frantically in fear. The rumble of thunder can scare a dog, and with summer in Erie in full swing, that means thunderstorms that can cause a dog to react by running away.

Anna Shelter director, Ruth Thompson-Carroll said they have seen about 11 strays over the past weekend, when two or three is the norm.

She said one of the things dog owners can do is put their dogs in "Thunder Shirts," which make the dog feel compressed and calmer. Even with those precautions, sometimes, a dog can still get away. And that's why Thompson-Carroll wants owners to keep those collars on their pets and have more than one form of ID on your dog at all times.

And dog trainers from Proud Land the Pet Place tell us that training your dog when its still a puppy is very helpful in making it less sensitive to loud noises.

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