Laborers' District Council of Western Pa. Endorses Corbett

- The President-business manager of the laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania announced the endorsement

Philip Ameris of the Laborers’ district council said that on Labor Day weekend we have the opportunity to recognize those people who are allies of organized labor. And Governor Corbett with his support of comprehensive highway, infrastructure and transportation funding and his continued promotion of natural gas production is the Laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania choice for governor.

Also, in spite of unfortunate, misleading information regarding education funding, he continues to allocate more money for schools and education than recent previous governors of Pennsylvania.
The Unions statement went on to say that Four years ago, we did not endorse Mr. Corbett. However, because of his bipartisan approach since that time, he has taken politics out of many issues and reached across party lines to do the right thing for the working laboring men and women.

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