Lake & Bay Water Monitored

- Technicians at The Regional Science Consortium are making sure the lake water is safe for swimming. During the summer, technicians are running a battery of tests on the lake and bay water 7 days a week,

They're looking for certain things that could make you sick and advise swimmers if it's not safe to go into the water. Amber Stilwell and Erika Levy are looking for bad things, things like e-coli. E-coli can make you sick if it’s ingested while swimming.

Water is collected from the lake and the bay and every day it's tested. The lake water is collected from 5 zones along the beaches. There are 12 sites along the bay where water is collected.

When the lab results are know, they're given to park supervisor Harry Leslie.
If the bacteria count is outside the safety limits, he can issue an advisory or restrict swimming in the affected area.

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