Leboeuf Township Pothole Complaints

- Some residents in Leboeuf Township are getting frustrated with area roads and want the township to fix the potholes for good.

The dirt roads in the township have gone through a lot this year.

And a rough freeze-thaw cycle means more potholes than usual...

Now that spring is here some residents want those roads to be fixed for good.

Mike Whitman lives on Dutchtown Road and he says the road in front of his home has been deteriorating for quite some time.

He even took some video of it to prove just how bad the roads were.

After Whitman spoke at a supervisors' meeting, the road was graded and now is in better condition.

But he fears with the next round of rain or snow, the pot holes will return so he wants a permanent solution.

And township officials also say once the weather is cooperative they will do some deep grading of the roads so that the dirt roads can get more of a permanent fix...

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