Local Attractions Get Million Dollar Boost

- The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority has given one million dollars to make sure some of your favorite local attractions stick around for years to come.

In 2012 ECGRA created an endowment fund for Erie's lead assets and today the fund got a substantial boost. Today board members put their John Hancock on a check for $1,373,646.00. Representatives were on hand from The Erie Zoo, Playhouse, Children's Museum, Erie Arts and Culture, The Historical Society, The Art Museum, The Philharmonic, The Flagship Niagara League and Mercyhurst Institute for Arts and Culture.

The Erie Community Foundation will hold the money. ECGRA's endowment fund has reached ten million dollars making it the second largest trust to be help at the community foundation.

Perry Wood, ECGRA’s Executive Director said “These are organizations we all gather at, we all enjoy kind of a big city feel right here in Erie and these are important organizations as far as our identity goes and it's important for us to make sure they exist 100 years from now.".

Mike Batchelor, President of The Erie Community Foundation added “We're very happy to play a role and we'll be good stewards of the funds and again i think our kids and grandkids will thank us for the job we're doing today."

This donation is on top of a $300,000.00 grant given weeks ago to Erie County's lead assets.

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