Local Vets Remember D-Day

- It was 70 years ago today that the invasion of Normandy began. D-Day claimed at least 12 thousand allied lives while the Germans lost more than a thousand men in the invasion. Several men from our area were there on D-Day, a day that’s still fresh in their minds.

Ed Burnat remembers it like it was yesterday. He was part of the band of brothers, the first wave in the invasion. The machine guns were hitting our airplane, like ice cycles hitting the plane, some got hit....that was it ya”

Vinnie Calarco was 19 years old and was on a ship headed to Normandy when the ship experienced engine trouble. He hit the beach 7 days later.” Your no longer that little boy mama and papa loved so much, all of a sudden you know you have to be a man and that’s when you grow up”.

Both men made it home okay, but still think about those horrific days.

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