McDowell High School Renovations Almost Complete

The first phase of a multi-million dollar renovation project at McDowell High School is almost complete, just in time for school to start.

McDowell students will be opening brand new lockers on September 2.

The high school was completely renovated over the summer, from electrical and plumbing work, to new science labs.

Classroom upgrades include new paint and flooring.

A new athletic suite will have an outdoor entrance for ticket sales, and new restrooms were installed outside of the first floor gymnasium.

The library was reconfigured to build a new school store, which will be student run and support the school's business curriculum.

A new café will provide a gathering space for breakfast and club activities

Gus Anderson Field also got a make-over, with a new turf and bleacher repairs.

Not everything will be finished when doors open, though. A manufacturer's delay will leave six classrooms without new windows but officials say this won’t be a problem when the school year starts.

"We had the contractor fix the windows, or seal up the windows so that they're aesthetically attractive. They're weather proof, there's still light coming in and as soon as the windows come in about September 18, they'll slap em right in and we'll be right back where we were,” said Thomas Del Fratte, Millcreek’s Director of Operations.

Of more than 300 windows that have been installed, officials say this doesn't affect the project as a whole.

They’re ready for students to come back in just over a week, despite rumors that renovations will push back that September start date.

"Yes, the entire school district will be open September 2nd, including McDowell. Transportation's all scheduled. Classes are getting scheduled. We've kept parents out of here all summer long so they really don't know, and neither do students, what the finished product's gonna look like but I think they're gonna be very pleased,” said Del Fratte.

Del Fratte also said they new about the potential window issue in April but they were confident moving forward with the project.

This project was funded through a bond and phase two will begin next year.

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