Mercyhurst Loaned Rare Artifact

- Mercyhurst University archaeologists have received the project of a lifetime to work on after an artifact was discovered in Sugarcreek Township, Venango County. It may just look like a hunk of dirt but amateur archaeologists dug it up along Sugarcreek. They gave Mercyhurst a call because they have one of only a handful of labs in the whole world equipped to handle this kind of find.

The staff will slowly start to dig away at the dirt to see exactly what is preserved inside. It is presumed to be a perishable item that has been carbonized. Dr James Adovasio of Mercyhurst Univeristy said this about the artifact “This thing is over 800 years old, it has managed to survive flooding and rainfall because it was burned."

The university says a project of this magnitude could be a great career- starter for some students.

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