Mercyhurst Program Named For Ridge

- Mercyhurst University honoring and recognizing Governor Tom Ridge, naming its intelligence studies program after Ridge.

Governor Tom Ridge praised Mercyhurst University's Intelligence Studies Program today.

And today the school announced it will be named after him, Pennsylvania's 43rd governor and the first secretary of homeland security.

The Tom Ridge School of Intelligence Studies and Information Science is a blend of intelligence studies mathematics, computer systems and communication.

Through this program students will be educated for careers in national security, law enforcement, and business.

It's Mercyhurst's top major.

The university chose Governor Ridge to name the school after because of his work in national security.

Governor Ridge who is the CEO of Ridge Global based in Washington DC says the Mercyhurst University Intelligence Program is nationally known.

He says the value of this degree will make graduates more valuable than they will realize.

The Ridge archives are also at Mercyhurst University and a building at Mercyhurst University North East is also named after Governor and Mrs. Ridge

Also at today's event officials from Mercyhurst University recognized Bob Heibel who was a pioneer in starting the intelligence studies program at Mercyhurst that is now world renowned.

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