Millcreek School Board Votes to Sell Ridgefield Property

The Millcreek School Board makes a decision tonight about one of it's closed school buildings. It’s a decision that's prompting strong reactions.

The future of the former Ridgefield Elementary School has been up in the air since the Millcreek School District closed it in June of 2013. Monday night, the Millcreek School Board took a big step toward changing that.

The board voting unanimously, 8 to 0, to sell the property to BNS Properties for $1 million. The appraised value and a $50,000 increase over their original offer.

“The fact that it was unanimous speaks volumes about the simple math behind this. The offer by BNS was superior because they are a for profit business that will pay real estate taxes and will not take money from the school district,” says Michael Agresti, attorney for BNS Properties.

The other bidder for Ridgefield was the Montessori Regional Charter School. They bid $1.1 million, hoping to combine their two campuses into one.

According to Millcreek School Board President, Judy Wheaton, each Millcreek student lost to the Montessori School costs $7,800, and that makes selling to another school too expensive.

According to Wheaton, “It really is a matter of just business. We can't afford the kind of losses, up to $200,000 or $250,000 a year in costs against our budget. It would be too difficult."

“Oganizations like the Montessori Regional Charter School and the Millcreek School District have the same mission and if we work together as a community, we can achieve unbelieveable heights. That wasn't their choice today,” says Anthony Pirrello, Montessori CEO.

The deal still has to be approved by the county courts because Ridgefield won't be used as a school.

Millcreek Township also has to approve a rezoning for the property.

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