Millcreek Votes to Keep Montessori


APRIL 28, 2014-- In an effort to find ways to lower their potential deficit for next school year, the Millcreek School District has been looking into programs it can cut to save money. The school is facing a more than 4 million dollar deficit for next year. If the district discontinued the Montessori program it could have saved more than 392,000 dollars. Superintendent Bill Hall recommended discontinuing it in an effort to save that money. Hall said the projected salaries and benefits from the program are rising and will cost the district more than they are making on the Pre-K and out of district tuition the program charges. Parents who have kids in the program have been attending recent meetings to share their concerns and explain to the board why keeping the program is so beneficial. A potential plan to condense the program into two classrooms at Belle Valley was discussed, but the board ultimately voted five to three to keep the existing program up and running for next year at Grandview and Belle Valley. A room full of worried parents and students erupted into applause and cheers after the fate of their school was decided. 

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