Money Making Weekend for Erie Thanks to Roar

- July 21, 2014 - It was a money making weekend thanks to motorcyclists from across the country. Roar on the Shore officials say an estimated 125,000 people were in town for the region’s biggest biker rally, and with so many people visiting the area, an economic boom was inevitable.

Businesses boomed for five days, according to some business owners. Hotels were filled to capacity and booked for months in advance. At the Lake Erie Lodge on Peninsula some rooms were booked almost a full year in advance and this weekend there were no vacancies.

Sara's diner reaped the benefits of Roar, especially on Friday during the mayor's ride with hundreds of bikers passing through.

And as for the charity on the receiving end of roar dollars, Saint Patrick's Haven officials are excited.
Last year, $50,000 was donated to the Boys and Girls Club, it's unclear on the amount raised this year, but Sister Mary says she's grateful.

Manufacturer and Business Association officials did not return our phone calls regarding charity dollars but the information will become public once it is available.

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