Montessori Regional Charter School Fights for Ridgefield

The Millcreek School Board sold the former Ridgefield site last week to Process and Data Automation.

In a quarter page ad on Tuesday, the other bidder, Montessori Regional Charter School says they want the issue reopened before the site is rezoned.

Montessori Regional Charter School still has blueprint plans to combine their West 6th Street and Sterrettania Road locations at the former Ridgefield site.

Montessori's original offer for the site was $1.1 million. Process and Data Automation's was $950,000.

Process and Data Automation then increased their offer to $1 million.

Montessori officials say they never had a chance to negotiate their offer..

They say their offer is a better option because it offers $100,000 more upfront, a number they say would take the district 10 years to recover from Process and Data Automation's tax revenue.

The site is currently zoned residentially so the site will have to be rezoned to a C-1 site which is a light commercial zoning that allows for mostly professional services.

Montessori officials say they wouldn't be in competition with other Millcreek Schools.

Our expansion is gonna happen either way the amount of children who are gonna come here either way is gonna be the same for Millcreek, the question is whether or not the Millcreek School District gets 10 more years of tax revenue for it or not. They're not helping us get bigger faster,” says Anthony J. Pirrello, CEO of Montessori,

Millcreek School Board member, Mike Kobylka, said on Tuesday night that he stands by the board's vote and believes the community will be better served by a tax-paying business.

The request for rezoning will be presented to the Millcreek Township Planning Commission on September 9.

The final decision will come from the Millcreek Township Supervisors and needs court approval.

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