Neighbors React to Thursday Morning Shooting Deaths

- Neighbors are reacting after two people are found dead in an apartment in the 2700 block of Liberty Street Thursday morning.

A 62-year-old man and a 45-year-old woman found dead in an apartment, both victims of single gunshot wounds.

Erie Police found the bodies in the upstairs apartment of this home around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.

According to police, five people were in the apartment at the time of the shooting, including the victims, a third woman and two children.

Officials are currently investigating the incident as a murder suicide but are keeping their options open.

Neighbors tell us the female victim and the woman who was not harmed worked together.

The male victim and the woman who was not harmed lived in the apartment, and took in the female victim and her children to give them a safe place to stay.

According to police, the children, a teenager and a pre-teen, were asleep and unharmed at the time of the event.

For next door neighbors who knew the victims, Thursday's shooting comes as quite a surprise.

“It's very shocking, I never witnessed any type of arguments or animosity between them… You just don't ever really know what's gonna happen ya know in your neighborhood and you don't know what happens behind closed doors, so, can't speculate,” said Denise Altadonna, a neighbor.

Officials are not yet releasing any names of the victims. A weapon was found, but police are still looking into who owned it.

We talked to Erie Police Chief, Randy Bowers, on Thursday night who says they hope to have more questions answered on Friday.

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