Owner To Be Cited After Dog Attack

- A dog attacks two kids in the city of Erie leaving them with serious injuries.

Now Erie Police say the owner will be cited for the incident.

Two children are recovering today after they were attacked by an akita on their walk home from school Wednesday.

The owner will also be given a citation for the attack.

Erie police responded to the incident Wednesday afternoon in the 800 block of West Fifth Street.

A seven year old girl and an eight year old boy were walking home from school with their dad when an 85 pound akita jumped off a porch and attacked the two kids.

The girl suffered a bite on the back of her head and the boy had a serious bite on his arm.

The dog owner voluntarily turned the akita over to Erie Police who say it will be tested for rabbis and euthanized.

The information officer for the Erie Police Department says the owner will be cited for failure to control animal.

The dog wasn't licensed however officials say the attack was an accident.

Erie Police Department Information Officer Lieutenant Stan Green added “They ahd a visitor to the home and the visitor wasn't familiar with dog and visitor opened the door and dog went right past him it was an accident not the own just letting the dog roam or anything"

Lt. Green also recommends keeping an extra eye on your pets this time of year because amount of people outside increases as the weather gets nice.

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