Parish Festivals Economic Impact

- The St. Paul’s Italian Festival committee is tallying up the numbers and hoping to report another recording breaking year. In 2013, the festival brought in more than $100,000, doubling their profit from previous years. But this cash means more to the church than a couple of meatball sandwiches! Committee members say this festival is the livelihood of their parish. The money from the festival each year allows the church to continue beautification projects and upkeep around the church to keep it open for its parishioners and the community surrounding the church.
Meantime, at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, they are preparing for their annual Zabawa festival beginning the weekend of August 22nd. For 21 years this festival has raised approximately $90,000 a year for the parish that costs roughly $200,000 a year to run.
Father Tom Aleksa of Holy Trinity says, "We have needs, we have to pay our bills and just the offertory collection alone doesn’t always cut it, so whatever extra we can bring in helps not only pay the bills but continue to do the good works for people because we share what we have."
Father Aleksa says while the festival is important financially, it's more about keeping their Polish heritage and traditions alive.

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