Previewing Tomorrows Election

- Tomorrow is the primary election and many local races have incumbents who are running unopposed leaving voters with little to decide on Tuesday. Political analyst Dr. Michael Federici expects a low voter turn out tomorrow as he does for many primary elections.

The most significant race for voters when they head to the polls Tuesday will be for Pennsylvania governor. One of four democrats Tom wolf, Rob McCord, Allyson Schwartz and Katie McGinty will appear on the November ballot opposite of incumbent Governor Tom Corbett. Dr, Federici says Tom Wolf will likely come out on top "At this point given polls leading up to election it would be a surprise if he doesn't win and by a large margin"

Local incumbents state representatives Pat Harkins, Flo Fabrizio and Ryan Bizzarro are all running unopposed. Federici says there are usually two main reasons incumbents don't face competition "People think they're unbeatable and unbeatable because they've done a good job. In addition they have a well funded war chest and it makes it difficult for a challenger to come in and beat an incumbent."

Experts predict a low voter turn out

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