Route 24: Chapin Song WOLD Has Erie Connection

- This week’s trip along Route 24 takes us back to the early days of Erie radio and a disc jockey that spent years on the air in the Erie market. What makes him so special is a popular song, recorded in 1973 by singer Harry Chapin. It was a song written about this DJ's life.

Jim Conners was one of the Jet Radio “good guys along with radio legend Frank Martin and Randy Michaels. Conners had a knack for discovering artists, one of them being singer, song writer Harry Chapin.

The son WOLD all started with a conversation between Conners, and his wife Linda Prozan who said this “He let Harry Chapin listen to a phone conversation between him and my self and he took it and ran with it. It was a sad, personal conversation that led Chapin to write the song. The conversation was about the way he did not come back to see his children.

Linda Prozan married Conners on June 26th, 1965. when she was 17 and he was in his mid 20's. The marriage didn't last. Conners left Erie and made his way to work at a Boston radio station. Other stops around the country added to his career.

Linda says she remembers the first time she was told about this song “He called and told me, just to give you a heads up there’s a song out about us. I said ok and then I heard it on the radio”.

Jim Conners died in a traffic accident in 1987 on his way to Erie from Florida

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