Safety Experts Speak Out On Gun Tragedies

- In light of two tragic incidents involving guns leaving one man dead and a toddler critically injured safety experts are speaking out.

Gun safety advocates say education is essential and if a gun gets into the wrong hands, it can be tragic.

23-year-old Abram Sorek dead from a single gun shot wound to the head.

Police are still investigating what happened inside of the Kahkwa Boulevard home and who fired the gun on Saturday April 12th.

In Cochranton a two year old baby was shot in the face on Monday April 14th.

Police say a four year old inside of the home got a hold of the gun and fired it.

Safe Kids Coordinator Patty Puline says the community needs to be on high alert.

She says education is essential and it starts at home.

Children need to understand the dangers of guns and what to do when guns are present.

She says if a gun is found in a home, never touch it.

In addition, utilize trigger locks and safeties that are normally installed on the gun.

At The Erie Sport Store, officials say storage devices with locks are your best bet and above all else training is a must.

The DA's office and police tell us the investigation into both incidents continues.

No one has been charged in the Cochranton or Kahkwa Boulevard shootings.

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