Shots Fired By Church

- It wasn't long after an Easter egg hunt at a local church that gunfire breaks out where dozens of kids had been celebrating Easter.

Erie police were called to the 200 block of East 16th street where Bethel Apostolic Church is located.

The pastor of the church said he heard the shots but thought someone was knocking on the church door.

He stepped outside and saw several juveniles jumping a nearby fence.

A short time later, Erie police were marking the location where several shell casings had been found.

Several dozen children and adults had been in the area just an hour before for the annual Easter egg hunt.

Pastor John Crosby says this is hitting too close to home ” We're really prayerful now seeing it this close to our church. We of course want to invite people to church then you have this in the church area and it makes it really bad".

Police searched an nearby abandoned building where witnesses said the suspects ran to.

No one was found and no one was reported injured in this barrage of gunfire

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