Smart Phone Protective Cases

- July 3, 2014 - It's a real problem for so many of us, how to protect our smart phone from water and shattering. Americans have spent billions of dollars on replacements since 2007.

Good Morning America got 'on the case' and tried out one of the more durable brands, OtterBox. The company says this $90 waterproof case will survive in water for up to 30 minutes. To make it interesting, we put it up against a $10 gel case sold everywhere.

Test one was the spill test and they both survived having water spilled on them. In test two, the dunk test, the OtterBox worked while the gel case, not so much. Then they took the test outside. The OtterBox promises to protect from falls up to 6.6 feet. Both cases afforded protection from that height. For the next test they go beyond OtterBox's claims, the ultimate cell phone nightmare, driving over your phone. And both cases worked in this test as well.

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