Spring Allergy Season

- Now that spring is upon us, there's one question a lot of us have...
Just how bad will allergy season be this year?

Predicting just how bad allergy season will be is no easy task, but there may be some good news for allergy sufferers.

With a rough winter allergy season will be off to a slower start.

If you look around outside, it's pretty difficult to even find the signs of spring.

Doctor Philip Gallagher, an allergist, says some farmers he's spoken to have seen some of their crops' blossoms dying and that the trees that produce pollen, might have had their blossoms die because of the cold weather as well...
That might be good news for allergy sufferers but Doctor Gallagher says its too soon to call the extent of the damage.

However, if allergy season does prove to be a bad one, like last year's was, Gallagher says there are new, more effective, over-the-counter medications available

And if prescriptions or medicines aren't really your thing:Bob Sonnenberg, Whole Foods Education Outreach Coordinator says a change in your diet might keep your allergy symptoms at bay ” if you get plenty of antioxidants like kale, collards, all of that drink plenty of water, get exercise al of those things will keep you "safer" from allergies.".

And Doctor Gallagher says this winter reminds him of the winter of 1993-94 and following that winter the allergy season wasn't too bad.

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