Storm Causes Major Damage in Titusville

Last night's storm across the tri-state region caused some major problems in the Titusville area overnight.

Broken retaining walls, flooding and fast moving water were all evidence of a storm that left behind major damage.

The storm began Tuesday evening and by 8 p.m. emergency crews were being called to scenes of flooding and rain damage.

"All of a sudden it's like the skies opened up, there was just a deluge," said Chief Gary Thomas of the Titusville Police Department.

Those skies brought flooding that closed a portion of Route 27 overnight and knocked down walls and fences along several streams. Several homes flooded because of flooding in Church Run, Hammond Run and Trout Run causing three homes to be completely inaccessible. But these weren't the only problems.

"Our storm sewers, uh, in a couple places, just had the reverse effect. The water that ran in at the top of the hill blew out of the uh, storm sewers, at the bottom of the hill instead of just continuing on nicely like they're designed to do," said Chief Thomas.

In a flooded downtown Titusville, storm debris broke a portion of a natural gas pipeline, later repaired by National Fuel and Gas.

Fire officials tell us that several people had to be rescued from their porches because of rising water. While there were no evacuations and no injuries reported, many areas are still unsafe.

"One of our big concerns would be like a displaced manhole cover, uh the water comes up from below, you think you're walking across a street you've walked across a hundred times, you end up falling in a manhole," said Joe Lamey, Assistant Fire Chief.

Road closures during the storm included the following:
  • Foote Road between Johnson Road and Ralston Road in Oil Creek Township
  • Pastorius Road between State Highway 27 and the county line in Oil Creek Township
  • Philadelphia Road between Palmer Road and Spring Road in Beaver Township
  • Hanks Road between Footskulak Road and Guys Mills Road in Randolph Township
  • Quick Road between Montgomery Drive and Shadeland Drive in North Shenango Township
  • Tryonville Road between Leboeuf Trail Road and Strawbridge Road in Steuben Township

Emergency crews will spend the next 24 hours assessing storm damage and are telling everyone to stay safe because you never know what's underneath your feet.

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