Supporters Continue to Push for Summer Job Creation

- APRIL 22, 2014-- Supporters say the Erie community is in desperate need of summer jobs for the areas youth and they are hoping to raise money for the cause. They hope the program will offer a comprehensive summer job that will occupy our local youth and teach them work ethic. Bishop Dwane Brock spoke at Tuesday’s County Council meeting to discuss the issue and also hand delivered a letter to the Erie Community Foundation on Monday. County Councilman Andre Horton says he agrees a program like this is much needed in our area and believes many people see the need to employ the areas youth. The Erie Community foundation held a meeting to address community violence just last week that they say Bishop Brock was invited to but did not attend. In a statement they said, “Bishop Dwane Brock, Gary Horton and Andre Horton were invited to be a part of the group, but did not attend the meeting. The Erie School District could not attend, but has been kept up to date.” Gary and Andre Horton both say they were not invited to the meeting. Erie Community Foundation officials say they plan to have another meeting in two weeks that all will be invited to. Bishop Dwane says he will meet with Mike Batchelor later this week and will decide after that meeting whether or not he will attend the foundations next group meeting.


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