Suspected Meth Lab In Fairview

- Police are on the scene this hour of a suspected meth lab, found in the basement of a house in Fairview. Firefighters were called to a house on Michaels Drive just after 8 this morning for a reported basement fire. When they got here they found more than a fire.

What they found was what appeared to be the workings of a meth lab. Police are not surprised by this happening in any neighborhood. They say cooking meth is no longer confined to the backwoods.

Police are talking to one of the residents that lived in the house. We talked to Sgt Bill Ramey who said it didn't take long to know what they had, “We responded and took a look at what was down there and determined it to be what's left of a meth lab, the clandestine lab response team will clean it up."

No one has been charged as of this hour but they are talking to the person of interest who was in the house. Police are not saying if he lived there or was a

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