Teen Seeks Forever Home

- There are hundreds of kids in our area who are looking for a forever home and families ready to adopt them. With that in mind JET 24 is proud to be working with Family Services of Northwest Pennsylvania to bring you our Hearts Without Homes segment.

Tonight, Danielle Woods introduced us to Sasha, Sasha is a sweet, outgoing teenager who has big plans of taking the world by storm and hopes to grow up and be able to protect and serve our community.

Sasha and Danielle spent the day at the Erie Police station because she wants to be a member of Erie's SWAT team. They toured the entire station learning what it's like to be a police officer, stopping in a holding cell and checking out some of the equipment officers use. Shasha even got to get inside a police car. She and Danielle also got to model against the SWAT truck, which is as impressive as it looks.

But there's much more to this young lady than just her dreams of becoming an officer. She loves a challenge, loves sports and says she prefers the Browns over the Steelers. And she says she'd love to find a family that would support her in all of her dreams. Sasha told Danielle “I think it would pretty much change my life. To never really have anyone there and then actually having someone would change my life that would be like amazing.”

If you are ready to adopt call Family Services at 866-4500.

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