Testimony Starts In Allen Homicide Trial

- Witnesses are taking the stand today in the trial of a woman who is accused of killing her boyfriend at a mobile home park last summer.

Kristina Allen is accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend, 28 year old Dean Haggerty back in August of 2013 at a mobile home park in Summit Township.

Today her trial began in Judge Connelly's Courtroom with the multiple witnesses taking the stand and recounting the night of the shooting.

One of the officers who responded to the scene took to the saying when he arrived, he saw EMS tending to Haggerty's lifeless body.

He also said it appeared that there may have been a domestic dispute as there were holes punched into the wall of the mobile home.

The witness said he told Allen that her boyfriend was dead and described her emotions as "unusual" and "nothing like he had ever seen before".

Instead of crying, he says she put her head into the blankets, lifted her head, looked around and repeated that action.

However, during today's testimony Allen sat next to her attorney seeming emotional and sobbing gently.

Testimony will continue tomorrow around 9:30 in Judge Connelly's Courtroom.

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