Tree Damages Trailer Home

A storm that caused major destruction in parts of Erie and Crawford County left one family with a tree on top of their home, and they're saying it could have been prevented.

High winds knocked the tree down Tuesday night at Spring Creek mobile home in Wesleyville, and it's been sitting there ver since.

The rotting tree has caused problems before. Homeowner, Rhonda Johnstone, was not eligible for homeowner's insurance because of the damage the tree has done to the home already.

She went to court with the park's owners in May over the dispute and the court ordered the park to cut down the tree. They only cut back a part of it, leaving it hanging over the trailer.

"I hope they cut the tree down and fix my roof. That's it. I don't even care if they leave that tree laying in the yard. I have so many people that will come cut it up and take it away. Just fix my roof and get rid of the tree. So I'm not worried it's gonna fall on one of my kids," said Johnstone.

Park management told us that they do plan on getting a tree removal service to take down the tree today, after they realized how much damage it had done.

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