Update On Shots Fired Near Church

- Erie police have yet to make an arrest in connection to a shooting near a church on Easter Sunday but two people face charges stemming from incidents police say happened around the same time in the same area.

Erie police were called to the 200 block of East 16th street just after six Sunday near Bethel Apostolic Church.

Erie police recovered shell casings near a truck that was still running with keys in the ignition.

A woman identified by police as Devonare Cooper tried to take possesion of the truck but according to police she told them incorrect information.

She will be charged on a citation for providing false information to police.

Meanwhile Daeonna McCalebb reportedly faces traffic citations and carrying a firearm without a license.

Police say she was pulled over after reportedly driving through a stop sign and not using a turn signal near 16th and German Streets.

She reportedly had a firearm in the car that she legally owned but did not have a permit for.

However, no one has been charged with firing shots near the church.

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