Fit and Fresh Bento Box helps you make that lunch waste-free

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There are now dozens of reusable and mostly reusable containers standing ready to help you get control of your child’s lunchbox waste.

You’ve probably seen the “Snack Taxis” and “Lunch Skins” and other lunch-helpers out there taking aim at plastic baggies and brown paper bags. Online, you can see a huge array at our go-to place for reusables,

If you haven’t looked lately, you might be impressed by how compact and clever some of these items have become.

Our pick for this fall: The Fit and Fresh Bento Box. Compared with the early Bento boxes on the market, which were large and clunky and required their own lunch bag, this simple three-section container provides just what you need in a marvelously compact design.

Fit and Fresh’s new Bento is sandwich-sized, with a little extra headroom for snacks, and it comes with the trademark built in cooler block. We like that it’s neither too horizontal or too vertical, so it can fit in many different reusable lunch bags.

We’ve used other Fit and Fresh containers, which have proven to be durable and convenient. We love that the cooler piece snaps in easily and provides just enough chill to keep things cool.

So we’ll be trying this new Bento ($9.95 at ReUseIt) and will report back if it falls short in any way.






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