FOX 66 FOCUS: Perry 200 Commemoration

The next 18 months will be filled with events celebrating our past and looking forward to our future.

    The kick off to the Perry 200 Commemoration at Perry Elementary School and across the city marked the start of the biggest celebration in Erie's history.

"Every 50 years since 1930s, Erie's been celebrating," said Dr. William Garvey, Perry 200 chairman. "They had a huge celebration in '63, they had one in '13 were going to have one again in 2013 and '12 so what's happening is for a community to revitalize itself."

    More than $1.5 million was raised through 75 sponsors to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie.

"88% of those we approached committed and that's an extraordinary percentage," said Garvey. "That's a sign the community recognizes that this is more than a celebration it's a celebration of who we were."

    Several events are planned throughout the course of 2012, but this year all builds to the week of July 4, 2013.

"We're going to fire fireworks from four parts of this county," Garvey said. "We're going to fire from Millcreek, Lawrence Park, Summit, and the bay. It will be $100,000 display that will light up the sky like it's never been done before."

    More information on all events can be found at

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