Golden Apple Award: Melissa Miseyka

- Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying: "Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm."
That's why great things are happening in at least one classroom at Girard Middle School.
That's where Lou Baxter found this week's Golden Apple Award winning teacher.

To suggest that Girard Middle School teacher Melissa Miseyka was excited to get this week's Golden Apple Award would be an understatement.
But then she's excited and enthusiastic about teaching every single day.

Melissa Miseyka, Golden Apple Award winner, said: "I enjoy coming to work every day ... and you have fun."

"Teaching is the best job ... going to walk in to."

Miss Miseyka is an English teacher who tries to install in her students that they are the authors of their own life story, because for her, it's true.

Melissa, "I think I always knew ... make a difference in the world."

She makes that difference, one student at a time, like for Karlie Musich who nominated her.

Karlie Musich, student nominator, said: "I like how she always ... that she does in class."

Mary Jo Melvin, PhD Edinboro University, said: "Putting your thoughts down on paper ... trying to teach in the classroom."

Lou Baxter,, said: "Congrats to Miss Melissa Miseyka, this week's Jet 24 - Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.

In Girard, Lou Baxter, Jet 24 Action News.

If there's a teacher you know of, worthy of a Golden Apple Award, nominate them on the contest page at

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