Green Foods For Kids

- March 17, 2014- Saint Patrick's Day is a fun day for the whole family, and kids can get into the spirit by taking green food to school.

If you'd like your kids to 'go green', spoil them with some spinach.
Spinach is not only the right color for St. Patrick's day, but it's also packed with vitamin K, iron, calcium and fiber.

Another idea - 'Erin go Broccoli'!
Broccoli can be steamed or eaten raw and if you cut it into quarter-sized florets, the kids can almost pass them off as mini-shamrocks.

You can cut a green pepper into the shape of a shamrock, too.
Kids love dipping them into ranch dressing, which will turn a light green color if you mix in some avocado.
Kale works great for a snack because you can make your own kale chips.

Brussels sprouts are another option when you're putting together your child's green lunch for St. Patrick's Day.

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