Green goods: A smarter dimming switch

By Tom Kessler
Green Right Now

Anyone who has gone to the trouble of installing dimmer switches because they can help cut your energy costs was probably chagrined to learn that they don’t work with the early generations of CFL bulbs. Even the newer CFLs that are said to be dimmable often don’t play nicely with slider controls — they hum, they buzz or they just don’t work at all.

So here’s a bit of good news: Leviton Manufacturing is introducing the first slide dimmer specifically designed for use with a wide variety of dimmable CFL bulbs. The company says its Leviton Decora CFL Slide Dimmer optimizes the performance of dimmable CFL bulbs and works with the widest range of dimmable CFL bulbs available.

Leviton says that in auto mode, the new dimmer detects whether the bulb is an incandescent or a dimmable CFL, determines high- and low-end dimming capabilities and adjusts the dimming range accordingly. This feature allows for the fact that dimming varies by bulb manufacturer, type and rating.

"After using standard dimmers, consumers often report such problems as flickering when they dim the lights to lower levels, not being able to turn the lights on when the dimmer is in a dimmed position and limited dimming range when using CFL bulbs with these dimmers," James Sherman, director of residential marketing at Leviton, said in a statement. "With the new Leviton Decora CFL Slide Dimmer, consumers can continue to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of dimmable CFL bulbs, but with improved ambiance and lighting options."

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