Grossman Speaks out about Porreco College

MARCH 27, 2014-   Just one day after Edinboro University's announcement of the Porreco College, questions are raised about how the funding will affect students and the community in the long run.
Former Erie County Executive Barry Grossman speaking out today about the Porreco College of Edinboro University.
His push for a community college was voted down by County Council in 2010.
He supports Edinboro's attempt at filling the void of what has been missing for many years.
Grossman says affordable education is what the Erie community needs, especially with per semester tuition costing just $2,341.00.
However, his primary concern is funding the college in the long term.
He fears that renovating the Porreco Center and campus will be a challenge and extremely costly.
But Vice President of University Advancement Tina Mengine says there should be no concerns.
Mengine stresses that the Porreco Promise ensures that funds will stay private and not put the university in the red.
She says that the lower tuition rates will bring in more students, which in turn will bring in revenue for Edinboro University.
For anyone with doubts about noise or traffic in the area, Mengine tells us a meeting will be held featuring neighbors, Millcreek Township Supervisors and PennDOT.

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