Gun Activist Hosts Victory Rally

- April 12, 2014 – Dozens of gun enthusiasts are celebrating at Perry Square this afternoon, following a recent gun activist's court victory over the City of Erie.

"Due to our victory that we had in the court that took over nine months, we are very happy and blessed to be here and gathered again as gun owners," said activist, Justin Dillon.

Dillon hosted a gun rally last summer, one which resulted in Dillon - along with seven others -- receiving citations for carrying a gun in a city park.

After the long legal battle with the city over its ordinance -- which banned guns from being allowed in city parks -- the case was taken up by the state courts and the ordinance was overturned.

"Let's look a the concept: somehow I'm a law abiding citizen, responsible on the sidewalk… I step on the grass and become a raving lunatic? It's a fallacious argument," said Kim Stolfer, president of Firearms Owners Against Crime.

Now that guns can be carried in city parks, Dillon said second amendment rights and safety are a priority for all.

"Everything is behind us now. We're looking to move on and do what we have to do to keep our rights and they're going to do what they have to do to protect the city," said Dillon.

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