Gun Rally Lawsuit

Open Carry PA supporters are waiting for a decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding a gun ordinance in city parks. Meanwhile, the City of Erie makes a legal move today. City Solicitor Greg Karle filed a motion to dismiss today, hoping the city ordinance banning firearms in parks will stand. Justin Dillon is a gun rights activist and has a case pending against the City of Erie. It has gone all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. If the PA Supreme Court sides with Dillon, the ordinances will not be able to be enforced. This comes on the heels of an Open Carry PA rally in Perry Square last Saturday, June 22nd in which some participants carried guns and defied the city ordinance. Erie City Solicitor Greg Karle had to file a response to the case Friday, fulfilling the State Supreme Court's order and asked the court to dismiss the petition. The dismissal didn't happen. Late Friday afternoon, Justin Dillon's attorney, Joshua Prince said the State Supreme Court received a motion from Dillon to continue the process, and now the court has issued an order directing the city to file another answer by July 5th. This is for injunctive relief, just one small part of a larger case. Dillon's ultimate goal is to have the ordinance ruled unconstitutional. Other groups such as the GOA (Gun Owners of America) and the NRA (National Rifle Association) are looking into the issue to make sure that their constitutional rights are not taken away. The Erie Police Department is still working to identify those who were carrying firearms at the June 22nd Perry Square Rally, citations could be issued at a later date.



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