Keeping Your Family Safe: Home Inspections

- May 6, 2014 – JET24 is keeping you and your family safe from fire and other hidden dangers in your home. The experts say the majority of house fires are preventable, and they urge you to have a working smoke detector in your house. We asked a couple of area homeowners to allow us to inspect their home for possible fire and other hazards; ones you may not even know about.
Did you know you should have a working smoke detector in every room of your home? Did you know you can get free smoke detectors from the Erie Fire Department? These are just some tips to help keep you safe in your home. We asked the Erie Fire Department Chief Fire Inspector Guy Santone and Dennis Bort owner of Bort Insurance to walk through a couple local homes with us to spot any potential dangers. We inspected the homes room by room looking for anything that could endanger the homeowner, their children or their pets. Both of the homeowners thought they had covered their bases, but were surprised by some of the mistakes, or recommendations brought forth by our team of inspectors. When Santone inspects a home, he typically starts in the basement and checks every smoke detector, In the basement, he's looking at the furnace to make sure it's clear of burnable items. Then he checks the dryer, which should be clean of lint.
Here are some other tips that the experts sent along:
If you use a space heater, always plug it directly into the wall outlet and keep it at least three feet away from any bedding or furniture.
Do not plug in items behind long curtains or bedding.
All electrical outlets need to be covered.
Keep paper towels and other burnable items away from the stove.
Do not store plastics or Tupperware inside your oven.
If your oven sets fire keep it closed.
Always keep a lid to your pans nearby if you are cooking on your stove.
Santone says your first line of defense is a working smoke detector, and they should be completely replaced every 10 years. If you need to protect your family by adding more smoke detectors into your home, the Erie Fire Department offers free smoke detectors by appointment

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