Living Well: Debbie Answers Mail 1/01/14

- Debbie DeAngelo answers viewers' mail.

"I know that eating a variety of spices each day helps prevent illness and infection. Can you give me some examples of how to go about using them?"

All spices are healing and work in many different ways to boost the immune system and combat specific health issues. Here are three ways to incorporate some into your meals:

*Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg over your fruit, hot cereal or smoothie.

*Drink peppermint, ginger or fennel tea after meals to aid digestion.

*Make a rub out of several fresh or dried herbs (rosemary, turmeric, tarragon) and use it on poultry, beef or seafood.

"Each year I make a New Year's resolution to feel better and eat better but I struggle with it. What can I do about it this year?"

Seek help. If you have difficulty knowing how to go about reaching your health goals or in keeping motivated, consider a health coach. Having professional guidance and support makes a big difference.

For health coaching, call Debbie DeAngelo, RNC, BSN at 877-5483.

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