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12th Anniversary of Erie Pizza Bomber Case

Officials reflect on this bizarre homicide case

ERIE Pa -  
Twelve years ago one of the most bizarre homicide cases in the world known as the pizza bomber case thrusted Erie into the spotlight
It was a race against the clock a ticking time bomb was strapped to pizza delivery man Brian Wells. It  was a scene many are unable to forget, even now twelve years later.
Former Jet 24/Fox 66 reporter Brian Sheridan,now a faculty member at Mercyhurst University was reporting from the upper peach street scene when the bomb locked around Wells neck went off.
"Well being there that day it was surreal that is the best way I can describe it because you are on one of Eries biggest stretches and state police have shut down access to it and everything is dead calm "
It was a crime so bizarre it became known world-wide as the Erie pizza bomber case, former FBI Agent Dr.Jerry Clark  was the lead investigator on the case and remembers the twisted crime.
"It turned out to be one of the most unique cases in FBI and criminal history and certainly in bank robbery history and it just had so many twists and turns to it it was complex and it was just a really major case "
The recent shooting in Virginia happened on live television and Sheridan says it was close to happening in this case too.
"This happened and the only reason we were not live on the air was because we had been live from the scene was because we had a technical difficulty  that needed to be fixed and thankfully that saved us from broadcasting Brian wells death live on the air "
As the puzzle came together for FBI Agents found multiple conspirators were involved in Wells death.
"It turns out there were seven total co conspirators in the case 4 of them are now deceased and 2 of them are in jail so it was a pretty big sizes case with multiple deaths involved "


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