$300 fine or up to 90 days in prison for not removing snow

Class is back in session today for Erie city students after schools closed down for an extra day to give plow trucks time to clear the side streets and residents time to shovel sidewalks.

Walking to school in the city of Erie proving to be a bit more challenging with all the snow.  In some areas, students were scrambling to cut across from one shoveled path to the next, finding themselves navigating alongside traffic at times this morning, but in other areas, students found a smoother path.

According to city ordinance, if occupants of dwellings/stores fail to remove "all snow, ice or sleet from the sidewalk, whether paved or unpaved," or if snow is placed onto the roadways of the city, the one in violation is guilty of a summary offense, and upon conviction, faces a $300 fine, prison up to 90 days or both.  If there is a repeat offense, "the violation shall be subject to the maximum penalties".

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