A rush to beat the tow trucks begins in Erie

Erieites are rushing to beat the tow truck as the city of Erie continues snow removal operations.  Cars are being ticketed and towed if they're buried under snow and haven't been moved. 

City officials say some vehicles have hampered snow removal efforts so now, the Erie Streets Department and Erie Police are teaming up to make sure that roads are cleared, which includes ticketing and towing vehicles.  

The operation began this morning in areas bounded by East 16th and East 26th streets and from State Street to East Avenue.  Erie Resident Andrew Russell has been under the weather for a week, but he started shoveling his car out last night, a task that continued today.  

Nearby, on East 24th Street, Erie Resident Faduma Salah was struggling to free her vehicle when an Erie Police Officer stopped to help.  "I'm trying to shovel, and it's very hard to remove it. And I'm trying my best. And the cop saw me. I was shoveling, and he jumped in helped me out."

It's all a part of the community effort that offciials have been calling for.  The city says in addition to the cost of the fine, towing, and storage costs, owners of vehicles may have to pay additional fees for digging out the vehicle.

So, some people who can afford it, are choosing to pay now, rather than later.

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