Auditor General becomes involved with GECAC and other grant funds

Concerns about the lack of oversight regarding how GECAC spends grant money is getting attention in Harrisburg.  Auditor General Eugene Depasquale said it was, "disturbing to learn that tens of thousands of dollars may have been squandered".

Former Erie Councilman Jay Breneman raised the concerns, releasing figures that alleged the misuse of taxpayer money.  Since then, Erie County Controller Mary Schaaf has taken up issue with the expenditures.

Depasquale also commented, "We are going to work with her and all of the people in Erie to make sure that we can provide the best advice that we can... that if taxpayer dollars are spent on grants to agencies that everyone knows exactly what those grant agreements are and make sure that the funding goes to actually help the people that need it and not just to fund special meals."

Schaaf says she appreciates the support from the Auditor General and looks forward to resolving the financial issues. 

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