Baideme hammered with jail time plus restitution fees of $10,500

An Erie contractor learns his fate in court for only some of the charges he's facing.  Darryl Baideme is now behind bars after being taken into immediate custody following his sentencing today, however, this isn't the end.  

40-year-old Darryl Baideme is sentenced to one year and ten months to three years and seven months in State Prison.  This sentence is for two of the cases Baideme is charged in.  Baideme was found guilty by a jury in August of deceptive business practices and theft. 

Baideme also pleading guilty that same month to home improvement fraud in a separate case.  He also was ordered to pay back restitution in the sum of $10,500 for both victims.  Baideme turned to his victims in court with emotion, apologizing; saying he wants to make it right, but one of his victims says she doesn't believe the remorse.

Victim Jill Johnson says, "This is the first time in two years that I've been dealing with this man that I've ever seen anything that even resembles remorse...  I'm very happy with the restitution and the fact we at least have some chance of getting our money back," says victim Jill Johnson.   "He's made it absolutely clear that he has no intention of paying us back willingly, on his own, through any sort of civil judgments... He's gone out of his way to let us know we'll never see a dime from him."

Baideme is still facing similar charges in other cases.  We did ask his family for comment but they declined.  But, victims are coming, stretching beyond Erie County.

Tina Merrit of Warren supported Tuesday's victims saying she hired Baideme to remodel a bathroom and "he didn't want to show up for work, started excuses.  Then, we started having problems where he became belligerent, angry, calling us names."

Merritt still hopes to get her day in court in her county.  "The strain and the stress, the impact - there's no recovery. No dollar amount is going to fix that. Nobody can take us back to where we were before he came into our home."

Baideme is still facing similar charges in other cases in Erie County.

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